Friday, August 06, 2010


August 4th 2010
21.00 WIB
Tenis Indoor Senayan, Jakarta Indonesia

ALL TIME LOW concert

my third concert! The concert that I've been waiting for!
I was in the 2nd row this time, in front of Zack Merrick. *as planned before
I wore "I'm A Merrickan" tshirt from Zack's design x)
the opening act was by Rocket Rockers (If I'm not wrong).
well, I feel pity for them because almost all person there boo at them.
back to All Time Low :)
about 9PM, All Time Low came out and sang Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don't)
and the ending was close with Dear Maria, Count Me In!
I can't hardly wait for them to come back to Jakarta!
this time concert was a little bit different from the other 2.
I like this concert because I've wait for them,
because I love their song,
because I love ATL members and crews,
and also because they sang all songs that I could jump and sing with.
the crowd this time was total crazy, total madness!
they can't stop jumping and pushing.
me and Eka got to move from Zack's spot to Alex's.
I made scrapbook again with my friends Natasha T, Karina, Eka, Ivon and also Angel... and All Time Low loves it! so happy xD
in the end of the concert I could grab Jack Barakat's hands!
Alex Gaskarth also smiled to me when I waved my hands and him while playing my flashlight -_____-
the concert ended too soon x(
this time I also took a picture with Matthew Flyzik. he is All Time Low's tour manager.

All Time Low Live in Jakarta was a total crazy. total awesome. unforgettable!

I LOVE YOU! -official hustler *soon*-
*Alexander Gaskarth
*Zack Merrick
*Jack Barakat
*Rian Dawson

with Matt :D *sorry I must edit my retard face with hearts*

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