Wednesday, September 02, 2009

earthquake from Tasikmalaya

another bad news: earthquake.

It was the 1st time, I have ever experienced an earthquake at school. and surely i will never forget it.
It's kinda funny during the earthquake, 
I was in the library doing my project. When the earthquake happened, my friends and teachers still questioning is it really an earthquake for about a minute. Then in a sec. they all became panic and ran out from library carrying their laptops. Out from the library, I could see another students and teachers running downstairs. I stood still for awhile and I could still feel the earthquake, I feel really dizzy until now.
Some of my friends, including me, went back in to the library to take bags and other things we left. I was so panic, so i forgot to zip my laptop bag, and my laptop thrown out the bag. And of course I did scream, but luckily, it's not broken. fiuh~~
I will never forget this day even though bad thing happened to me, 
hey! this is high school, people! unforgettable moments happens in high school, right? :)

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