Tuesday, September 29, 2009

19- 27 Sept' 2oo9

hey again.
just came back from my superb holiday :)
i went to Lourdes, Paris and Dubai with mom, dad and my sist' 
it was very cold in Lourdes and very hot in Dubai
i had many amazing experiences there.
Lourdes is a small town. I stayed in Hotel America, guess it's the nearest from the church.
i ate in cafes. their ham is so yummy xP
i bought rosary and a bangle for my friends.
then moved to Paris.
you know what i did there right? LOL
i went to Eiffel Tower too, see the Marie Antoinette palace. it's very big o.0
i went to see Saint Bernadette body too. she's so short? :0
in Dubai, the best experience is i went to the dessert
the journey to exploring the dessert made me so dizzy. but it was great there, had dinner in the middle of the dessert and see the stars clearly.
i got a lot of shoes there. mostly i bought it from H&M :)
and i also bought a lot of chocolate and gummy.
can't upload the picture right now, sorry :(
but i'll upload it. 
see yaa :)

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